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Tube parts


Tube parts

With us everything revolves around tubes

After the company was first established it developed the manufacture of fine tubing, which has been continually developed on a technical level ever since. Production is carried out on some 60 machines and mainly uses systems that we have modified and, in some cases, even developed in-house. The raw materials we use are in coil, bar or profiled form. The manufacture of fine tubing encompasses sawing, reshaping (crimping), chamfering, widening, slitting and deforming. Thanks to our great precision we are able to produce alternatives to turned parts. Using the above techniques, we produce products including spacer tubes, crimp sleeves, wire end ferrules and tubular rivets. Other application areas are bearing places for shafts or axles and hose couplers.

Downstream processes include annealing, vibrating, barrel finishing (otherwise known as vibratory finishing) and cleaning of parts. We work in all standard metals including copper, copper alloys, aluminium, steel and stainless steel with diameters of up to 25 mm. Batches of products are monitored using random sampling, and their length measurements can be checked if necessary in the course of fabrication. For the most exacting requirements, we can deploy various testing systems that support image processing; these enable components to be exhaustively tested and sorted.