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Stamped parts


Stamped parts

We can bend virtually anything

One of Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik's key areas of expertise is stamping. From your initial concept to the finished product, with no limitation on complexity or quantity, we use our 20 automated Swiss stamping machines and state-of-the-art control units to produce precision items of premium quality. We use the very latest CAD tools and can give you first-class support even during the development phase.

Using tools from our own toolmaking shop, we produce stamped parts of the required quality that conform to your needs and specifications. Thanks to our high level of standardisation we can extremely quickly construct stamping tools that are designed for an agreed output and for the life cycle of the product. We manufacture copper bands, copper alloys, steel and stainless alloys in thicknesses of up to 2.5 mm. Our product range includes all manner of componentry contacts for circuit boards as well as plug connectors in a huge choice of designs.

With our innovative ideas and many years of experience, we can implement your project as a standalone part or as a group of components. You can decide whether products are to be manufactured in the form of separate parts, strip-mounted or in a taped form. The machinery we use for making tools and stamped parts is constantly updated in line with the state of the art. Using such modern equipment to monitor and test the parts we produce ensures that the quality standard remains consistently high.