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Metal/plastic composite parts


Metal/plastic composite parts

Our main strength lies in hybrid components made from plastic and metal

The manufacture of plastic parts is becoming an increasingly important part of our business. Extrusion-coated tube components and stamped components are steadily growing in importance for us. But products made purely from plastic also feature strongly in our product portfolio.

Our plastic injection moulding department has 25 machines that work mainly with thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. Our areas of expertise include the manufacture of anything from free-falling parts to complex hybrid parts (otherwise known as plastic/metal composite parts). A key factor behind our success is our automated delivery of inserts, enabling production to be efficient and prices to remain competitive. Our products include insulated cable connectors and industrial plug connectors.

If we are able to introduce our expertise at an early stage during product development, we can optimise the production process and produce this type of complex component economically. Even additional processes such as component assembly and/or customised packaging can be included. The requisite injection moulding forms, tools, equipment and systems for automated assembly are produced in our own toolmaking shop.