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Tube processing


Tube processing

Tube processing includes the manufacture of diverse parts such as tube rivets, wire-end ferrules, spacer sleeves, pipe sections, crimp sleeves, and collar bushings from coils and straight-length tubing material.

Numerous tubular parts are produced in accordance with DIN 7340 or in line with individual customer specifications. In this process, all of the dimensions such as head shape, inner and outer diameters, length and wall thickness are fabricated to meet the requirements. The surface suited to the application is included in the scope of delivery as a matter of course.

Tube processing service overview


stainless steel, steel alloys, copper, copper alloys


bare, silver-plated, gold-plated, solderable tin-plating, reflow solderable, tin-plated, galvanised, chrome-plated, copper-plated

Tube diameters

tube rivets with head shape A, B or C: min. ø 0.80mm up to max. ø 6mm (coil); straight-length tube max. ø 16mm

spacer sleeves, pipe sections and profiles: max. ø 85mm or diagonal 85mm

Wall thicknesses

tube rivets: min. 0.15mm to max. 1.0mm

spacer sleeves and tube sections: min. 0.15mm to max. 5.0mm

Edge processing

edge rounding by polishing


cleaning with perchloric acid


ring: min. 0.8mm to max. 160mm

pipe section: min. 1.5mm to max. 430mm

Machine testing

at the customer's request, visual inspection using 100% image processing

Additional dimensions on request. Our technicians will be happy to advise you.