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Contact part for the Airbus A380 door system

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Contact part for the Airbus A380 door system

In collaboration with Diehl Aerospace we have developed a contact part that is used in the door system of the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The sixteen main doors of the Airbus A380 are fitted with a 6-blade receptacle that guarantees the aviation safety requirements. The contact with triple protection establishes the connection to the safety-related control unit in the aircraft and thus either provides clearance for take-off or prevents the aircraft from starting.

Diehl Aerospace is a business unit of the sub-group Diehl Aerosystems, which is part of the Diehl Group – a German family-owned company with divisions in several industry sectors, employing more than 16,000 members of staff around the world. All the aviation activities are pooled together within the group under the umbrella of Diehl Aerosystems.

Diehl Aerosystems is a first-tier supplier for avionics and cabin integration, making it an important partner within the international aviation industry. Its customers include major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer as well as manufacturers of military aircraft including the Tornado, Eurofighter and A400M.